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What is the best temporary solution for a water leak?

1. Turn off the water. This obvious step is often overlooked!
2. Capture the leaking water.
3. If you must restore flow, a rubber sheet with stainless clamps is a better solution than epoxy which may or may not work depending on the precision of mix and application technique.
4. Not all water leaks are related to plumbing. Has it been raining and windy lately, which may have dislodged a vent stack flashing?
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Why does my outside overflow pipe leak constantly?

Knowing what pipe is leaking would help. For instance: The water heater has a safety valve. If the water pressure and temperature get too high, the valve will allow water to leak out, relieving pressure to prevent a steam explosion.

Outside overflow pipe? Why is it outside? Is it something inside that is designed to leak outside?

Well, as to the answer to this question, something must be overflowing. Either that or a valve is not closing properly. Water heater safety valves sometimes leak just because they get old.

You need to determine the source of the leak in order to fix it. If you are not able to handle plumbing issues, you should call a licensed plumber.

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What are the best ways to repair your leaking toilet?

An experienced plumber. Your toilet has multiple locations that it can leak from.

If it’s leaking and simply running more than it should it’s wasting water. Your flapper mechanism needs cleaned, adjusted or replaced. I say flapper but newer models aren’t flapper but they have a mechanism that serves the same purpose.

If it is leaking externally then you need to determine if it leaks all the time which would be a water supply leak or only when it flushes which is probably a wax seal leaking. To replace a wax seal you’ll need to remove the toilet from the floor, clean off all traces of the wax seal and replace with a new one. Then install the toilet and anchor back to the closet flange. Don’t forget to put a caulk seal at the toilet/floor interface.

If it’s a water supply leak replace whatever fitting or connection is leaking. There are too many possible choices to list them all. Or I’m too lazy to list them all.

If it’s a very small amount of water make sure it is not simply condensation on the toilet tank. If you’re filling the toilet with a supply of cold water and your humidity is high the tank will sweat like a can of cold beer.

Source – Quora

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